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Group Class


We offer a variety of Group Classes


·      Hatha – A multi-level class of yoga postures to stretch, strengthen and bring peace of mind.

·      Hatha for Beginners – For those new to yoga, postures for strength, flexiblity and peace of mind. Also great if you’re returning to yoga after some time, or recovering from an injury.

·      Hatha Intermediate – For students who have been practising yoga for some time and want a challenge. Postures to stretch, strengthen and bring peace of mind.

·       Radiant Kids for 3-5s Using story, asana (yoga poses), rhythm and song, this class improves children’s self-esteem, co-ordination, concentration and helps them relax.

·       Yoga for 6 to 11s – Fun, uplifting yoga for young ones. Furthering their learning of basic yoga postures and philosophy incorporating song and dance.

·       Yoga for Pregnancy – Pre-natal yoga classes for expecting mums. Breathing exercises and relaxing stretches to relieve symptoms as well as to prepare the body and mind for childbirth. (Note only suitable for those who are 14+ weeks pregnant)

·      Yoga for Sports - an intermediate level class specifically aimed at working on stretching for a sports person’s muscles and joints and allowing them to build strength and stability through a strong asana practice.

·      Ladies Only -is a general level Hatha class which will include asana, Pranayama, meditation and relaxation. It will also be suitably gentle for ladies during the Ramadan festival.

·      Acro Yoga – Acro is a community practice where we work, move and play in partners and groups. It’s a high energy super fun class, where we sweat, laugh, play and try lots of new things.  (Note: suitable for participants with no existing injuries)

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