The Om Space

About  Us

At The Om Space we believe in yoga. Yoga, without the superficial frills and trappings that it is known for today. Your practice should not be about what you are wearing or which mat you use.

Yoga is an ancient transformational practice that allows each of us to tap into our own unique energy and all you need is a good guide, a clean, comfortable space and a mat to practice on (it doesn't have to be a Manduka!)

At The Om Space that is exactly what you will find, good quality teachers who have spent years training to teach this ancient art and a safe, comfortable environment, where your practice is more important than which smoothie you are going to have after class.

We aim to provide a variety of classes for different levels of practice and some interesting workshops and excursions to deepen your practice throughout the year. 

If you are interested in really good quality teaching that will benefit you wherever you are on your yoga journey then this is the space for you