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What's Going On

Holidays this month 

We will be closed for Poya on Friday 10th January and for Thai Pongal on Wednesday 15th January


Please do check the class schedule or give us a call 114514866 for any updates

Many thanks 

The wonderful Graduates from the 2019 Training in our Closing Ceremony

Yoga for Children and Pregnancy

New Term  for 5- 13year olds starts today Thursday 9th January and will run for 12 weeks with Serena.

Yoga for Pregnancy also re-commences today. Look forward to seeing you there.

Leon Sanchez Alvarez

We are super happy to welcome Leon to our teaching team. He will be taking intermediate classes on Tuesday and Thursday!

Leon is a RYT200 Yoga Alliance certified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher & RYT200 Yoga Alliance certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.

He started to get in contact with mindfulness meditation 10 years ago, as a way to deal with the challenges of a fast paced modern lifestyle. Coming from a martial arts background and being a movement enthusiast, in 2013, Leon started to explore Yoga first through physical practice, and quickly got interested in the deeper layers that this beautiful ancient practice has to offer.

While his classes sometimes can get sweaty, flowy and dynamic, he puts strong emphasis on the energetic and self-explorative aspects of Yoga. Leon strongly believes that through a regular practice, everyone can minimise self-imposed mental confusions and obstacles, allowing an unobstructed and loving view on one's own, humanity's and life's beauty and purest essence.

When not doing his own practice or thinking about good food, you will most probably find Leon at the nearest beach doing Acro Yoga, cuddling a dog or trying to body-surf the next wave.

Inner Guru Training

200hour Yoga Teacher Training @sriyogashala, 28 day Residential .

4th October - 31st October 2020
28 day residential Yoga Teacher Training at Sri Yoga Shala
200+ hour Yoga Alliance accredited certification

Find Your Inner Guru. Meet your inner teacher.  
Inner Guru Training empowers you to lovingly and skillfully share yogic practices in your own unique way, artfully drawing from your life experience to bring forth your essence as your very own spark of inspiration. This training allows you to experience different teaching styles of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, build a dynamic foundation to ultimately share a practice in a way that totally resonates true for you.   

This intimate immersion offers you the time and space to illuminate your confidence and unearth your compassionate voice. With the help of traditional methods, self inquiry, self practice, partner and group work and playful exploration you will be given the tools to truly connect to your inner wisdom.  Organically nurturing a sense of community, through karma yoga, eating, breathing, chanting, assisting, observing and laughing together. We will quietly build trusting and timeless connections forming new friendships that will expand beyond shores. If you are looking for tools to begin teaching, or maybe wanting to deepen your experience of yoga, or perhaps you are already teaching or healing within a community and want to compliment your skill set with more of your own unique inner wisdom: this is a training for you.





Send us an email to innergurutraining@gmail.com
Instagram @innergurutraining


Shenuka is a RYT 200 Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance and a certified Reki 
Practitioner for energy healing and is certified to teach Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga.
She first came to yoga for the physical benefits hoping become more fit. As her body 
became stronger and healthier, she soon discovered that her yoga mat was a place to find a 
sense of contentment, self awareness and mind body connection. As a teacher, she realizes that yoga is not a "one size fits all" practice, and that every person is on a different path.
She tries to offer her students the opportunity to take that path in their own way at their own pace, to modify when needed and to honor how they feel at all times. She teaches a creative and energetic vinyasa flow class that combines movement with breath and expression.


Shenuka will be teaching the General Level classes 8.15 - 9.15 am on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are so excited to welcome her and have her gentle energy in our space.

Earth Guardians

Sri Lanka's Earth Guardians are a group of young people ages 8-14 who are fighting to save our planet and they have just launched their tree planting project!

Their aim is to raise rs 750,000 to plant 1500 trees of 25 different species on a piece of land in Habarana that has bee allocated for re-forestation. Each tree will cost rs500 which includes the purchase, transport, preparation of the land and care as well as a salary to the women in the local community which is above the government's current pay for the same work.

If you would like to sponsor a tree (or some) please contact us at The Om Space and we will be happy to make the connection for you.

The children have also  started a petition for the Supermarkets in Sri Lanka to take steps to stop the use of single use plastic bags at the checkouts and at the fruit, veg and meat counters.

If you agree that this is a cause worth fighting for or are just interested in what they have to say, please do go to the link, sign and share and together hopefully we will have some success and take a small step towards saving our beautiful home - Earth.

You can follow them on Face book or Instagram @earthguardiansrilanka

Here's what we made in Children's Class 

We've been discussing the state of our Planet this term and exploring ways in which we a group of pre-teens can make a difference. We settled on Straws and spent a little time in each of our yoga classes scripting and planning these short videos. Thanks to all of our children for their brilliant ideas and for writing the script and special thanks to Eran Sanderatne for his fabulous and creative editing. Click All videos to play the Intro and then the second one for Part 1 of our series. We hope you enjoy  and are inspired to give up your plastic straws!!!

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