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What's Going On

February Holidays  

We will be closed for National Day on the 4th February. On Poya, Saturday 8 February, we will have a Full Moon Yoga and Yoga Nidra Practice with Shenuka.


Please do check the class schedule or give us a call 114514866 for any updates


Yoga for Pregnancy

Thursdays 6-7.15pm

Serena has been teaching pre-natal yoga for 10 years and over time, the style of her class has evolved from a simple yoga for pregnancy class, to a Sacred Space centered more on empowering women to truly enjoy their pregnancy and the experience of birth and motherhood.

Yoga for pregnancy from your physical body to your emotional state, prenatal yoga is a key ingredient to a healthy, happy and well informed pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga supports your changing body, tones important muscle groups and prepares you mentally and physically for Labour and Delivery. It helps you connect with your baby, ease some of the pregnancy related discomforts in the body, and gives you a vital opportunity to connect with other like minded mamas. It also gives you a space to discuss your questions and get lots of birth and baby information.

You can start any time after your 13th week and carry on right until that little one wants to come out.

Our Classes

Serena, Jagath, Leon, Shenuka and Vera aim to give you a wide variety of styles and levels so that yoga at The Om Space can be enjoyed by all.

Here's a quick guide, to what might work for you.

Our Beginners classes are slow paced and detail oriented to give you a really solid foundation for your practice.

General Hatha Classes are accessible to all, with achievable postures but done at a slightly faster pace, to allow for a wider practice each session.

Vinyasa Classes are more dynamic and imply at least a basic understanding or grounding in the practice so you can keep up with the flow.

Intermediate Classes are faster paced or may include slightly more challenging postures, if you are ready to step it up a level these are the classes for you

Sivananda Class is for the more adventurous, it is based on the class sequence of Sri Swami Sivananda and includes some simple arm balances and inversions.

Ladies Only is a sacred space for our female clients and is a general level Hatha practice.

Yoga for Pregnancy is a special space just for expecting Mamas to get a little exercise, relax and discuss so many things about pregnancy in a nurturing and empowering environment

Yoga for Children is a thoughtful term time class, that will get your children moving and feeling comfortable in their bodies and also have them discussing some interesting life questions.

Full Moon Practice and Yoga Nidra 

with Shenuka
Saturday 8 February - 9-10.15am


Full moon yoga + yoga nidra

A full moon is a beautiful time to spend in reflection; noting what serves you and what does not, setting new sankalpas (heartfelt intentions) and partaking in a slower more meditative lunar yoga practice. During a full moon we can harness the lunar energies to take our practice to a deeper level and more easily achieve these goals. 

Please join us for a special 75 minute class celebrating the Full Moon! This two-part class consisting of a 45-minute Slow Flow Vinyasa including Moon Salutations and a 30-minute Yoga Nidra as we honour the full moon and let go of all that no longer serves us so we can connect with our truest selves.

Investment rs1500

Meditation Introduction and Exploration

Starting Wednesday 12th February for 8 weeks

We are excited to offer this course again and over the 8 Weeks we aim to introduce you to a variety of accessible mediations, mindfulness and concentration practices all with the idea of exploring what works for you. Included is your personal  Meditation Journal to record your journey and your insights.

Most of us find it hard to make time for meditation but we know that if you do,  you will find it worth your while.

This is a fun and interactive course, for anyone who has ever considered meditation, but  wondered just how to make a start.

Investment is Rs10,000 and sign up is required in advance.

The wonderful Graduates from the 2019 Training in our Closing Ceremony

Inner Guru Training

200hour Yoga Teacher Training @sriyogashala, 28 day Residential .

4th October - 31st October 2020
28 day residential Yoga Teacher Training at Sri Yoga Shala
200+ hour Yoga Alliance accredited certification

Find Your Inner Guru. Meet your inner teacher.  
Inner Guru Training empowers you to lovingly and skillfully share yogic practices in your own unique way, artfully drawing from your life experience to bring forth your essence as your very own spark of inspiration. This training allows you to experience different teaching styles of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, build a dynamic foundation to ultimately share a practice in a way that totally resonates true for you.   

This intimate immersion offers you the time and space to illuminate your confidence and unearth your compassionate voice. With the help of traditional methods, self inquiry, self practice, partner and group work and playful exploration you will be given the tools to truly connect to your inner wisdom.  Organically nurturing a sense of community, through karma yoga, eating, breathing, chanting, assisting, observing and laughing together. We will quietly build trusting and timeless connections forming new friendships that will expand beyond shores. If you are looking for tools to begin teaching, or maybe wanting to deepen your experience of yoga, or perhaps you are already teaching or healing within a community and want to compliment your skill set with more of your own unique inner wisdom: this is a training for you.





Send us an email to innergurutraining@gmail.com
Instagram @innergurutraining

Earth Guardians

Sri Lanka's Earth Guardians are a group of young people ages 8-14 who are fighting to save our planet and they had a very busy Christmas season! They raised their target of 1500 trees and more and are looking forward to starting the planting in March this year.

Their latest campaign is against single use plastics and in particular the supermarket's irresponsible use of these. The children have also started a petition asking the Supermarkets in Sri Lanka to take steps to stop the use of single use plastic bags at the checkouts and at the fruit, veg and meat counters.

If you agree that this is a cause worth fighting for or are just interested in their suggestions to the Supermarkets, please do go to the link, sign and share and together hopefully we will have some success and take a small step towards saving our beautiful home - Earth.

You can follow them on Face book or Instagram @earthguardiansrilanka

Here's what we made in Children's Class 

We've been discussing the state of our Planet this term and exploring ways in which we a group of pre-teens can make a difference. We settled on Straws and spent a little time in each of our yoga classes scripting and planning these short videos. Thanks to all of our children for their brilliant ideas and for writing the script and special thanks to Eran Sanderatne for his fabulous and creative editing. Click All videos to play the Intro and then the second one for Part 1 of our series. We hope you enjoy  and are inspired to give up your plastic straws!!!

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