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Welcome to The Om Space, Colombo - see you on the mat!


The Om Space is a bright, breezy sanctuary in Colombo 5 which holds 15+ yoga classes every week.

Teachers, all internationally trained and certified, teach a range of styles including Sivananda, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini, kids yoga, yoga for sports as well as pre-natal yoga.

Also on offer: Reiki, Reflexology and Singing Bowl Massage, all part of the suite of services to soothe mind body and spirit.

The Om Space is owned and run by British-born-Sri-Lankan yoga teacher, Serena Burgess and her mum, Mohanie Ahangama, an experienced reiki practitioner and owner of Pulse Beat Gym.

The space, fully equipped with changing rooms, showers and lockers, can fit up to 20 yoga mats for each class. Clad in turquoise and white, the chic interiors were lovingly decorated by Burgess, from upholstering chairs to hand-painting upcycled lockers.

What’s new at The Om Space?

Community Class

Yoga Community Poster 500 rps Charity

“Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world” – Howard Zimm

The Proceeds from your generous donations will be going towards various charity projects – we will keep you posted as to where we are giving. Therefore we have made it a minimum donation of rs500 per person in class.

We are sure you will be happy to be part of this Seva.

Love and light to all


Class Cancellations

We are cancelling Kundalini class next week Tuesday 14th  8.30 am and Wednesday 15th June 7.15pm

Meditation class will be cancelled on Tuesday 21st June 6pm

All our fantastic Kundalini teachers will be on retreat learning even more wonderful  things to teach us when they get back. Please bear with us and we’ll see you next week.

Quick Timetable Update

Christina Syms will be taking Monday 8.30 am class this month and bringing her wonderful Hot Hatha, Forest Yoga-influenced practice for you all to try.

Friday Hatha Class will now be 9.00 – 10.am with Sanjaya

Welcoming Tara Germani to The Om Space-5


Tara is a 500 RYT yoga teacher who has a deep curiosity about our human capacity and creative potential. Her main focus is understanding and captivating the essence of the teachings as simply as possible – where we encounter both the ease and challenges of the practice and begin to fully experience the flow of Vinyasa.

What to expect in a class – Group classes are 60 – 75 mins where we begin with pranayama and in seated meditation to establish our breath awareness, which quietly evolves into a moving meditation as I begin to introduce music. From here we flow into a warm up of various namaskars to increase awareness and heat in the body and establish the basics for the class.  For the main body component of the session I will guide us to flow through a series of asanas/postures opening up and exploring the different energy points (chakras): forward bends, back bends, twists, side opening and inversions. The general tendency is to flow through the postures for 3 – 5 breaths, which makes the sequence somewhat like a structured yet dynamic dance. It becomes a really intuitive practice once you start to experience yourself moving from your breath.
Tara will be joining our Weekend Rotation in June so don’t miss the chance to practice with her!



Tuesdays 8.30am with Uta

The introduction of yoga and mindfulness is the guiding thread that has spun throughout my personal history.
Formerly working, as a marketing event manager, for a bank in Germany, I know the challenges of a day packed with appointments and constant traveling, very well. Kundalini Yoga has given me the tools to stay calm and focused in the face of those challenges.
I am passionate about helping people find their true voice and live from the heart. Sharing yogic and eastern philosophies related to awakening the greatness that lies within every one’s self is part of every class. All classes combine kundalini yoga practices with astrology, attuning ourselves with universal power by aligning our whole Being with the cyclical rhythm of the Sun and Moon. The student will be guided through coordinated movements, deep breathing exercises, chants, stillness and laughter to help release what’s not working any more and step into the fullness of life with more radiance and from the heart!
I have over four years of Yoga teaching experience in Sri Lanka and additionally she holds a certificate as a Reiki Master and Teacher.
My vision for every living soul on our Mother earth is:
May you have VISION to see your POTENTIAL, and FAITH to BELIEVE that YOU can!
Then COURAGE to Act with CONVICTION, to become what YOU were MEANT to BE!
It’s not how high you build your DREAMS that makes a DIFFERENCE, but how high your FAITH can climb.
Believe in the IMPOSSIBLE which is the POSSIBLE YOU!
Sat Nam
Uta x


Air BnB


Dear Om Space friends we would love your support for our Air BnB venture so if you have any friends who are passing through Colombo and need a calm and unique place to stay, please do send them our way!

Please check us out on Airbnb.com or contact us for more info.

For more info or to make an appointment contact us at theomspaceyoga@gmail.com or call us on 112507515

Next Sadhana 2 July 2016


Sadhana is the early morning Kundalini yoga and meditation practice, that we do to clear the mind and rebalance ourselves.
The practice includes meditation to sound, chanting, some gentle movement and relaxation.
We are offering a Free monthly Sadhana on the first Saturday of every month from 5 – 7.30am.
This month please come and experience 2.5 hours that will transform your day on Saturday the 2nd July.


Find Us

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 12.16.05 PM

We are at the Blue marker. Come visit us!

Address: 185/9 Havelock Road, Colombo 5

Tel: 112 507 515 or call Serena direct on 0750 783383

Directions: At the junction of Park Road and Havelock Road, with Park road on your left drive forward to the sign for Mathura Restaurant, take the slip road to the left and then the 1st left after that. Go down to the end of the lane and we are the 3rd from the end on your left hand side. Look for the white gate!


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